Our Inductees

Poppy Chloe McGinness
Poppy is a blind 14-year-old Poodle Bichon. She was rescued from a breeding mill in Hong Kong, where she had been kept in a cage for 10 years! Unfortunately, her lack of care led to her losing her vision, one eye, and most of her teeth. But she is the happiest dog I know! We brought her from Hong Kong to the US where she is loving her new American life, despite constantly bumping into walls! 
Lucy and Scarlett Stefanie Marrone
During the pandemic my first French Bulldog Charlie passed away in his sleep at age 10. I was devastated and knew I couldn’t be without a dog in my life. I called the breeder where I got Charlie and explained I was interested in a puppy. He sent me a photo of his latest litter. Lucy stood out to me with her unique coloring. She was on her way to me from Oklahoma two weeks later by van. A few months later I realized that Lucy needed another playmate that wasn’t me. She was very playful and needed a lot of attention during the day while I was working from home. I called the breeder and said at some point I would be interested in another Frenchie and he sent me Scarlett’s photo and said this is a special one. And within two weeks I had another Frenchie!! They got along so great from day one. And we have so much fun together. 
Duke Adam Perry
We adopted Duke a few weeks ago and he is the sweetest puppy. He has come become Jacks little brother in the last few weeks. He is so playful and full of life.
Jack Adam Perry
We rescued Jack from the pound when he was about 2 years old. Jack has been a great addition to our family as he is such a loving dog and fits in great with our family.
Buster & Jack Keith Kalka
I adopted Buster and Jack Black in March 2023 from a local shelter. I was only planning to adopt Buster but when I see to him before the adoption, I saw Buster and Jack sleeping together. I couldn't separate them after seeing how close they were so I adopted both of them. Buster and Jack are best friends and their favorite things are my bean bag chair, their cat tree and watching birds and squirrels in my backyard.
Stitch Rachel Lai
We adopted Stitch as a 4 month old just before the Texas snow storm in February, 2021. He is bombastic, adorable, and seemingly always in the mood to play. He's learned the ropes on how to be a good cat from his older sister, Caly!
Caly Aaron Janke
We brought Caly back from the adoption center in May of 2021, as a 7 year old. She is so sweet, loves sleeping all the time, and tracks the day by when she was fed last. Her little brother Stitch keeps her on her toes.
Khaleesi David Gideon
Jasper Eva Sung
Jasper is a plucky 4-year old Llasa Apso mix that comes with plenty of Llasa-tude. At our first meeting at the rescue, we were informed of his fear aggression and warned he’s bitten all but one volunteer. To everyone’s surprise, he didn’t bite us and even let us pick him up so WE are honored to be chosen as his hoomans. There is still work to do on his fear aggression but he is a loveable, clever and silly member of our family! Don’t let his diminutive size and cute face fool you. He is an amazing sentry and ferocious to all who enter his domain (all 9 lbs of him).
Teddy Bear Gabrielle Prato
Teddy Bear (AKA Teddy) is a 10 month old Wheaten Terrier + Poodle mix who is a lover of snuggles, playing fetch and ALL treats. When Teddy isn’t following his hoomans, he likes to go for walks around the neighborhood spreading joy and getting pets. He loves playing with all his doggie friends at Dogtopia Daycare near our home in Oakbrook, IL and at the park. He is well known for his long eyelashes, colorful coat and friendly wagging disposition! Everyone in the neighborhood knows and loves Teddy! You can follow his puppy journey on Instagram @teddybearthewhoodle.
Gramps Cassie Oakenshott
Likes: Puppaccinos at Starbucks, Long walks to beer gardens. Dislikes: Woodland creatures, inclement weather
Penelope Elizabeth Richardson
Penny, a 3 y/o “quarantine puppy” Lab mix came to us in May, 2020 from Houston-based Freedom Street Rescue. She enjoys running really fast, and recently completed 3 of the 48 NH 4,000-footers!
Smokey & Bandit Kelly Schrupp
Attached is a picture of our dogs, Bandit and Smokey. They are brothers from the same litter. Their mom is a German Shepherd/Husky mix and their dad is a Llewellyn Retriever/Golden Retriever mix. Their DNA is almost identical but they look so different. Bandit looks and acts like his dad and Smokey looks and acts like his mom. We named Bandit first because when he was a puppy he had a black mask that looked like a bandit. But as he grew, the black went away. But he still lives up to his name because he likes to steal food and toys from his brother, Smokey. Smokey is so sweet, but he is afraid of everything. So we have to give him special attention when it storms or when we ride in the car. But he is a cuddle bug.
Charlie Morgan Joni Radaszewski
Charlie found his new home on January 25th, and his gentle companionship has been a continual source of happiness and hope for his family.
Oscar Sterling Reiter Aaron K. Reiter
A well-behaved boxer. His passion in life is playing frisbee. He also enjoys talking to guests, staring out windows (from behind the curtains) and licking mixing bowls. He comes from a south-side-Indianapolis breeder who also produced our previous boxer.
Max & Emby Stephanie Thompson
Max and Emby are both alumni of the Mid-America Boston Terrier Rescue. Max came to us from a family that was divorcing, and Emby was a puppy mill mama bought by MABTR at an auction. They’ve both become integral members of our family and we’re grateful we get to spoil them for years to come … even if they snore.
Miss Pickles Kyle Heath
Miss Pickles was adopted after a very brief stint in the Broadway show Annie. When the show came to Chicago, they partnered with a shelter giving adoptable pets the opportunity to be featured during the production and then adopted after the show. She is 8 years old, and is very busy and curious rat terrier.
Pearl Kyle Heath
Pearl was abandoned by the side of the road on the Cherokee reservation in Oklahoma. A good Samaritan sent her to a shelter in Chicago to find a good home, and she did. She will be 4 years old next month and is a chiweenie (half dachshund/half chihuahua). She and Miss Pickles are inseparable.
Basil Madison Longust
Basil just turned one! Celebrating her birthday in style, this happy pup has stolen our hearts. From all of us at GCC Portfolio, happy birthday Basil!
Lucky Augustine Tsui
Lucky is a long hair Chihuahua and loves to climb everywhere like a cat. His owner, Augustine, had a 4 foot fence and found him on top of it when this photo was taken.
Huxley Beth Schwartzman
Huxley was very excited to hear of his nomination for Howl of Fame! He enjoys long walks, can make friends with anyone and will never turn down a treat!
Duke Lore Everingham
We rescued him in April of 2017 from the Doberman Rescue of North Texas. What a boy, he will be three this coming year!
Ranger Jeanne Burke
Rangie is 10 ½ years young and loves the great outdoors. His favorite pastime is hiking and going on vacations with his parents. He never passes up the opportunity for a belly rub or snuggles. He’s full of life and unconditional love and sticks to his human companions like Velcro.
Riley Jacqueline Madarang
Riley is six years old. Rescued from the streets of Birmingham, Alabama, Riley is a seasoned traveler who loves the beach!
Bodie Victoria Grasman
Bodie is a Sagittarius like his Mommy, and an absolute love; probably the most handsome Beagle!
Gus Caroline Berger
Gus, 11, celebrating his sister Sophie's Bark Mitzvah.
Sophie Caroline Berger
Sophie, 13, celebrating her Bark Mitzvah.
Indie Jennifer Malin
This is Indiana Jones (Indie) our 4 year old chocolate lab. Indie loves to eat anything, anytime and swim at the beach. He is the happiest, sweetest dog and loves everyone – human and canine.
Rudy Mickey Merchant
Rudy loves his naps and tolerates his over active brother, Ike.
Ike Mickey Merchant
We became Ike's forever family on New Year's Day. He loves to snuggle and chase squirrels up the trees in our backyard.
Molly Lisa Buchanan
Molly is a two year old Australian & German Shepherd mix. Molly and her puppies were shelter dogs at Dallas Animal Services. Her puppies were all adopted out but Molly hadn't found a home due to the fact she had heartworms and the usual rescue group funding had been cut. We brought Molly home and she started heartworm treatment immediately. She's doing great! Molly's kind eyes and sweet spirit is evident!! She's so loving & thankful. Everyone that meets Molly just loves her!!
Birdie & Rickie Katie Ristau
Birdie and Rickie are 8 years old. We became their forever home 2 years ago. Birdie is a Dilute Tortioshell, and Rickie is an Orange Tabby.
Maho Susan Haag
Maho was adopted from the local shelter where we volunteered while on vacation in St. John, USVI. Maho is an island blend of small breeds – guessing at terrier, dachshund and chihuahua and spaniel. She is a big fan of naps. Our resident big dogs were pretty shocked but are adapting well!
Bentley Bailey Lock
Here’s Bentley at Christmas! He’s 4 years old and the love of my life. He stands 6’ tall and weighs 113 lbs! He’s half Bernese Mountain Dog, half Great Pyrenees. He came into my life at 12 weeks old, a cute little fluff ball and has since turned into my little moose! Enjoy!
Sofie & Sylvester Cynthia Kaiser
Sofie and Sylvester were both at San Clemente shelter and were in cages next to each other. She had a brother that was being picked up by someone so I grabbed her immediately. Her green eyes just stared at me and called me mom. Sylvester was one of three, he was the smallest, and I grabbed him next. I thought that at least the two other brothers would stay together. I put them in the box together and they were introduced on the ride home. By the time I got home, they were best friends. They are now 3 ½ years old, and will be 4 in August. They are my babies, my children, my prides of joy. Sofie is all about the food and Syl is all about being outside on the deck.
Annie Mickey Merchant
Bacon Linda Farris
I'm Bacon Gilbertson, but some of my friends call me Bacon Bit cause I'm only 8 pounds, and my Granny just calls me Bitsy. I live in a four-floor walkup in Novato, California and with my short legs, I usually talk my dad into giving me a lift. I love other doggies, but am not too fond of little kids. Other than that, I'm pretty much the perfect pup. I don't beg, rarely bark, and am very generous with my kisses.
Calli Candace Kissell
Calli came to us from Paris, TX, and is one of the sweetest Goldens ever. She is a loving sister to Maddie and is very loving to all. Her passions include watching and chasing squirrels, kong toys, car rides and running at the park. She prides herself on the challenge of guarding and protecting her yard. Calli enjoys conversing with others and is quite vocal and has some amazing stories to tell.
Delilah Huston Lett III
My name is Delilah. I am a sagittarius that enjoys long walks, belly rubs and doggie treats (preferably Pupperoni). I am a morning person that loves to get the day started early. I love to play fetch with my master and I follow him around everywhere. I love him very much and he loves me!
Diesel Sheri Meyers
Howard Jennifer Musser
After being married for only three months, my husband and I bought our first home and less than a month later adopted Howie from the Tender Loving Care (TLC) shelter in Homer Glen, Illinois. His entire litter was transferred from a over crowded shelter in southern Illinois to TLC which is a no-kill shelter. When we got to the shelter only two of the pups were left. We fell in love with Howie and his "white spots," and brought him home that day. At four years old, he has turned out to be sweeter and smarter than we ever could have imagined! We always say the only mistake we made was not adopting both Howie and his brother!
Jack Jill Jones-Wiese
Jazz Jessica Rake
Jazzlyn was born in the summer. She is an only child, and very tiny, yet, she is the ruler of the household! The day we brought her home, I imagined this petite, shy, baby girl, would be so easy to care for. I have never in my life experienced a more, demanding, confident, fearless little one than her, and I couldn't be happier. She enjoys car rides, prancing around the neighborhood in her sweaters, and walking up to everyone she meets to be the center of attention. When I walk in the door from work, she grabs the closest outfit she can find, and brings it to me on the couch to put it on, and she is ready to go! She is loved and adored, and I wouldn't want to go anywhere without her!
Lily Jill Jones-Wiese
Livvie Georganne & Bill Binnie
Our latest “howl..” addition! Please meet Olivia of Orchard Street, a 4-year old black and tan female Doberman known to everyone as Livvie. She is beautiful - just a wonderful, gentle, and loving dog who is also smart, energetic, and very athletic — with tremendous strength and stamina. We live in Chicago - not far from North Avenue Beach. One of Livvie's favorite pastimes is running along the beach, chasing her beloved Kong. During the summer months, she loves to swim in Lake Michigan, oftentimes going out quite far to retrieve her toy. People love to stop and watch her run through her commands because she is very obedient. They get a kick out of watching her level of intensity - Dobie's are very alert and reactive - and her never-ending interest in retrieving the Kong. She stays so focused that people have wondered aloud if “she might not have some Golden in her”. (She doesn't, of course, she is 100% Doberman!) Livvie is quite smart and has been very easy to train. She is also a blood donor because her blood is a universal match. She donates quarterly and just before they come to “take her back” she jumps into my lap, much to the delight of everyone in the waiting room who previously believed all Dobermans were mean and aggressive.. they get to see that she is a big ole baby! She always requires repairmen to play ball with her when they come to our house to fix anything. Overall, she is a great ambassador for her breed because people typically have an altered opinion of Dobermans after spending time with her. The doubters can't believe that Dobermans are that affectionate and playful! Can't imagine life without this beautiful, affectionate girl. whether she is sleeping under the covers at night rolled into a tight little ball, snuggling up to watch TV with us, enthusiastically joining in on one of our frequent “family hugs”, taking long walks and exhausting us with her play, she just loves being with us. Her best friend, Moose (a stuffed moose) is never far away. She takes him everywhere with her and curls up next to him for naps. (For those of you who don't know, they call Dobermans Velcro dogs because they always stay so close that they are usually touching you.) When she is really tired - after a challenging day at the beach - she oftentimes sleeps on her back, with all four paws straight up in the air. She provides so much joy and happiness and keeps us laughing constantly. Thankfully, she allows us to live with her. Of all the great dogs we've had, Livvie, is absolutely the best!
Mr. Chester Fritz Misty Borg Misterek
Mr. Fritz was rescued when he was about 4 months old. Since then, he has learned many new tricks, including rolling over and high-five, which is his favorite and he will gladly show anyone his skills for a treat! He enjoys chewing on bones, playing crazy dog, cuddling and testing the cat's patience.
Nora Mike Hensinger
My girlfriend at the time and I had just left a movie theater and noticed a pet adoption taking place at a neighboring store. As neither of us were pet owners, we decided to waste a little time and maybe hold a puppy or kitten for a few minutes. Mixed among the many squawking and barking cages was a brood of 5 or 6 kittens rolling around, and one perched on a high-shelf in the cage, passively watching the action. We both were drawn to the kitten on the shelf, and took turns holding and petting her. Within seconds, we both began to contemplate the reality of adopting a pet, and in particular this cat when we noticed a disheveled and possibly inebriated man approaching the cat cage. His meaty hand roughly reached into the cage, grabbing 2 kittens at a time, and pulling them to his stained shirt, in what I can only describe as a modern-day reenactment of "Of Mice and Men." Although I had just met this cat, I knew I could not put her back in that cage, and 12 years later Nora still prefers the high-shelf. Nora was named after Nora Charles from the "Thin Man" movies, another very classy lady.
Mackie Morgan Smith
Max Eva Sung
Max is our lovable Llaso Apso-Poodle Mix rescued from the local animal shelter when he was just a young pup. We brought him home on Thanksgiving Day 6 years ago. He is a wonderful family dog and great protector, barking at anything that moves. He is friendly to people, particularly girls but does not socialize well with other doggies or anything on wheels. He thinks he is a lapdog like his brother Ollie, and doesn't realize how chunky he really is (35 lbs), but he is a big teddy bear and loves attention. He loves going out on walks and his favorite pastime is sunning himself and chasing birds.
Ollie Eva Sung
Ollie is a 3-year old purebred Havanese who was re-homed when his original owner moved out of the country. He adjusted quickly to his new family with the addition of an older brother and 2 teenage girls that play with him like a doll (as you can see from the tiara). Ollie may be short but he has springs for legs and is an excellent jumper who has shown an affinity for high places to perch. He also pretends to be fierce but we find him amusing as he is all but 7 lbs. You should see the way he attacks his stuffed lamb toy! GRRRR!!! Ollie loves to go on car rides and jumps with excitement whenever he hears car keys jingling.
Maddie Candace Kissell
Maddie rescued us after many months of searching. This little girl had been "on the streets" and was very resourceful for such a young pup. She was so relieved and appreciative to have finally found her family to call her own and protect. Miss Maddie settled in immediately and is very much a part of our family, First skill mastered by her sister, Calli... the joy of squirrel chasing!! Maddie and Calli are the bestest of friends and Calli adores her baby sister. Nothing like having a sister...
Sadie Candace Kissell
Sadie was the best holiday present possible! Loves to engage in conversation, and will easily melt your heart. She adores her big sister Maddie and is a big fan of car rides and sticking her head out of the window! She’s a true blessing.
Zoey Bob Kleiber
Zoey is 8 years old and a mix of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and some other things. We were told she was a cockapoo when we got her as a puppy but she's not, which is fine because she's smart as heck and has trained me perfectly. She loves to be outside and watch me do yard work and sits on your lap on the couch, so a great mix of both kinds of dogs. Zoey has the UPS man trained to leave her a biscuit when he delivers packages for my wife's business! He even throws a biscuit in the driveway when he's going by but isn't stopping at our house! She loves to chase rabbits and despite never coming close to catching them, always has her heart in in the chase. Zoey knows a ton of words and adores little kids and we are obviously very fond of her!
Jake Mike Scherr
K.C. Chad Maisel
Finley Ryan Welton
Finley is an 11-year-old calico living in Norman, Okla. She claimed her human, Ryan Welton after having been abandoned by her original human. Ryan wasn't looking for a buddy at the time, but Finley was having none of it. She walked in, moved in and has stuck around ever since.
Moses David Gideon
Titan David Gideon
Trixie Mary Bryan
Trixie Marie Bryan is the adorable daughter of Mary Bryan of Brookfield, Illinois. Trixie has been adopted by her stepfather, one Alan Forde. Mary and Al are royalty (Princess Heineken and Prince Spaghetti, respectively), so Trixie has taken to her royal duties with dignity and aplomb. She is good with all types of pets (for example, she says, "Here kitty, kitty. Meow.) ; she takes her civic duties just as seriously (saying, "What are you doing here? I'm calling the cops.") ; and she has moments of sweetness asking Mommy to "give me kiss." Trixie is loving to her Mommy. To her Daddy.... not so much. The Prince refers to her as "3 ounces of terror." Not knowing just how old Trixie is one wonders if she's in the rebellious teenage years or the old-age "do what you want" years.
Marley Joy Long
Marley is an 8-month old Chihuahua mix. We were told he's a "deer-legged" Chihuahua (what's that?!). However, our vet says she believes he's mixed with Italian Greyhound. No matter, he's pretty darn adorable! He came to us on a snowy New Year's day from a teenager who rescued him from an abusive home. His next stop would have been the local pound, but I felt so sorry for him, I couldn't say no. Marley spent the first three weeks hiding from people, dogs, cats and noises behind and underneath our furniture. I can't imagine how this poor little soul was abused, but it broke my heart to see how terrified of EVERYTHING he was. It's taken months, but he's started coming out of his shell and as you can see by the photo, he's very silly and playful. He loves his new dog and cat friends and is learning to accept new people much more readily. His favorite person in the whole world is our daughter Brittany and he loves to play with stuffed toys!
Lucky Kerry Mounkine
Lucky was named as such because he joined our family on St. Patrick's Day and because we were both lucky to have each other -- him a great family and us a great dog! People usually always comment on how much he looks like an old man smoking a pipe when he sits on the couch.
Savannah Elaine Tinker
Savannah J. (who now is my 100 lb., 27-inch high beauty) came into my life at the age of one year, when a neighbor of mine who worked at the Humane Society saw her and knew we would be a great match. I'm not sure what all happened to 'my girl' in her formative years with another family, but when she first came to live with me she was untrained, very scrawny, quite dirty, wary and I soon discovered from her first vet examination that she had a bulging disc in her neck (and at such a young age). Savannah is extremely alert, has a very high prey drive, does not like children, and seems to think of any animal smaller than she is as a squeaky toy that needs to be silenced. Despite these idiosyncrasies, I am so happy that she came into my life. A dog like Savannah is not for everyone, but she definitely is for me! I appreciate who she is, and respect what she is; in turn she now trusts and obeys me, and I love her more than I can put into words. With patience on her part and mine, this magnificent creature is loved and has a nice life, and I have the privilege of being taught that all animals deserve respect.
Rachel C.L. Nathanson
Rachel Victoria Nathanson is a beautiful sable long haired shepherd. Although baby Rachel was only 9 weeks old, she was not the least bit intimidated by her big sister Daisy Rose or her brother Elliot, and immediately started jumping all over them and trying to steal biscuits out of their mouths! Rachel has many of the traits of her precious cousin Olivia - very intelligent, intense and bossy! Rachel is extremely loving and a true bundle of joy - she makes you laugh out loud every day. What a wonderful addition to our family!
Elliot C.L. Nathanson
Elliot Nathanson had me hooked the first time I saw those eyes! Along with 5 other precious siblings, he was left in a ditch in Oklahoma and luckily they all found their way to safety in Texas with the wonderful people at Moka's Rescue. Elliot is very shy and quiet and didn't even bark for the first two months! He just came home and snuggled right up to big sister Daisy Rose who thought he was pretty cute. We think he is a mix of Newfoundland and Great Pyrenees and is the sweetest gentlest puppy I have ever had. He loves everyone and gets great delight playing and racing around with his sister Rachel, who wears us all out!!
Angie Erv Wiebe
Angie is a pure bred toy poodle born in Gimli, Manitoba, Canada. Her father was a red and her dame was an apricot. As a puppy she was the most beautiful shade of cinnamon. Angie is the perfect neat little lap dog – except she thinks she has to protect us when someone comes to the door! Otherwise you never hear a peep from her! Unless of course it's when she gets super excited when playing with her favorite toy. Yes, our baby has OCD with her little ball. She would play catch all day long, and it goes with her everywhere. She even brings it back to you and tosses it into your waiting hand. She is also very polite. She rings her bell when she needs 'fresh air'. And if it's wet outside she waits for her paws to be dried once inside. At bedtime she asks politely if she can come up and snuggle. If you give Angie a treat she is your friend for life. She has brought much love and companionship to our little world.
Lucy Rob Momary
Ransom Rob Momary
William Karen Bishop
Kate Karen Bishop
Jena Karen Bishop
Calvin Beth O'Mahoney
Calvin joined our home and quickly became a part of the family. He is named after Calvin & Hobbes because of his mischievous and spirited nature. He enjoys eating, watching TV and chewing on anything that he can, especially electrical cords and carpet. Calvin is very adept at finding his way around any barriers we set to keep him from going behind the sofa, TV, etc. His dislikes include the vacuum cleaner, romaine lettuce, being brushed and going back to his cage after his nightly run.
Raleigh Carol Crocker
Raleigh Cunningham Racer is a feisty mature wire fox terrier who is persistent with play time and enjoys a leisurely nap in your lap.
Moose Dr. Karen Ave
Bitty Lynn Sutton
Oscar Lynn Sutton
Maggie May Michael Dagenhart
Annie Kathy Thompson
Ruby Melissa Duffey
Nala, Aja Shelly Gertgen
Gizmo Linda Ficano
Gizmo Ficano is a 9 year old Cairn Terrier who still loves to fetch, play with his toys and bury bones. He will try to bury the bones inside the house by hiding them in couches or behind doors.
Elliot C.L. Nathanson
Elliot Nathanson had me hooked the first time I saw those eyes! Along with 5 other precious siblings, he was left in a ditch in Oklahoma and luckily they all found their way to safety in Texas with the wonderful people at Moka's Rescue. Elliot is very shy and quiet and didn't even bark for the first two months! He just came home and snuggled right up to big sister Daisy Rose who thought he was pretty cute. We think he is a mix of Newfoundland and Great Pyrenees and is the sweetest gentlest puppy I have ever had. He loves everyone and gets great delight playing and racing around with his sister Rachel, who wears us all out!!
Daisy Rose C.L. Nathanson
Daisy Rose came to us from the North Texas German Shepherd Rescue. She was covered in flea and tick bites and was so weak, she almost didn't make it. Daisy Rose was the most trusting, loving puppy and fit in immediately with her older brother Ben and her big sister Olivia. "Baby Daisy", as she is known is some circles, has an amazing temperament and is a big Mommy's girl sleeping on the pillows every night. She loves car rides and has recently become an outstanding swimmer, much to our surprise! Daisy Rose is truly a gift and we are so very lucky to have found her.
Aspen Dianne Pennington
Bingo Mike Schmitt
Bingo came into our lives on Christmas Day …..what a great present! Bingo is a Shitzu and lives with his family in North Mankato, Minnesota. Bingo loves to go for walks and play with his other dog friends. Guard dog is not his thing as Bingo doesn't bark but he sure loves to snuggle with his girls in bed.
Daniels Brandy N. Waltzer
Daniels is a 5 year old Lab and Tyson is a 7 year old Tabby. When Daniels was born his mother died due to complications and his human daddy offered to help take care of him. After a few weeks of bottle feeding dad was attached and the rest is history. Daniels loves petco, swimming, and most importantly hanging out with people! Tyson was adopted from a shelter when he was 8 weeks old. Though it is not in the picture, he earned his name from his very large, boxing glove like paws, 6+ toes on each paw! Though he can be a bit moody, he can also be a great snuggler. Tyson and Daniels have become best friends over the last few years, though they try and hide it from mom and dad, and spend their days together watching out for lizards, birds, squirrels, or anything else they could potentially chase. Tyson proudly maintains his role as boss of the house.
Tyson Brandy N. Waltzer
Daniels is a 5 year old Lab and Tyson is a 7 year old Tabby. When Daniels was born his mother died due to complications and his human daddy offered to help take care of him. After a few weeks of bottle feeding dad was attached and the rest is history. Daniels loves petco, swimming, and most importantly hanging out with people! Tyson was adopted from a shelter when he was 8 weeks old. Though it is not in the picture, he earned his name from his very large, boxing glove like paws, 6+ toes on each paw! Though he can be a bit moody, he can also be a great snuggler. Tyson and Daniels have become best friends over the last few years, though they try and hide it from mom and dad, and spend their days together watching out for lizards, birds, squirrels, or anything else they could potentially chase. Tyson proudly maintains his role as boss of the house.
Tater Tot, Utley Susan Haag
Lexie Laura Perry
Pia Laura Perry
PJ Gail Natale
Suki Jackie, Julia & Jocelyn SonHing
We met online. Suki was new to the Doberman Rescue and her write up said that she was a sweet, quiet, about 2 year old Doberman who recently had puppies. It was love at first sight. I knew she was the one. It took some convincing for the rest of the family since one member has a fear of dogs and 2 others have allergies. To top it off I was reminded that “this breed” has a reputation of being mean and vicious. The entire family came along for a second visit and after an hour, Suki was in the back seat heading to her new home. Whoever did her bio at the shelter was spot on. Suki is still a very sweet and quiet dog with the funniest personality. She is very maternal and treats all her stuffed animals like babies, she even goes as far as ringing the bell (she does that when she needs to go out since she won’t bark) when “her toys need to go” – not cute at 3 a.m. Suki is a great addition to the family and has already provided us with so many warm memories.
Tex Carol Horton
Tex is 6 years old, but still acts like a puppy. One rainy Saturday we saw "Labrador Puppies" handwritten on a cardboard sign on the back of an SUV in the bank parking lot. Tex was the only puppy awake at the time. So we feel like he chose us. Tex was named after Mark Teixeira when Mark played for the Texas Rangers. He loves love and cannot get enough of it. When I tell him to lay down, he picks his bed up with his teeth and brings it wherever we are just so he can be with us. He does not bark outside when the neighbors' dogs are in their backyards; however, he barks in the house when he hears the doorbell - even if it is on TV. He has a great personality and I cannot imagine a better companion for our family.
Ali & Beckham Magan Catney
Beckham is 12 years old and was given to my daughter for her 8th birthday. She has since gone to college and Beckham now resides with us and rules the house. Katy, my daughter, rescued Ali after having her 3rd knee surgery. They have been inseparable ever since. She is in the process of going through the training to be a therapy dog all while playing college soccer, being a full time student and coaching 2 girls soccer teams. Katy, my daughter, rescued Ali in the summer of 2012 after having here 3rd knee surgery. They have been inseparable ever since. She is in the process of going through the training to be a therapy dog all while playing college soccer, being a full time student and coaching 2 girls soccer teams.
Dolly Nidza Valentin
Sam Vicki Grasman
Iggy Esther Fleishhacker
Iggy was rescued by The Last Resort from a Kill Shelter in Georgia and brought up to NJ. He was adopted in September of that year, and though extremely traumatized and fearful, he a healthy puppy now 5 years old. He loves chasing rabbits through the woods and playing ball. He's a loving dog, with a happy smile and brings joy to his mom every day.
Bennie Gail Lamarche
Speaking of which, meet Bennie.  He’s a rescue from Paws Crossed Dog Rescue (https://www.facebook.com/PawsCrossedIncDogRescue/).  We kept talking about getting a dog but thought we weren’t ready. Well we were just going to get cat litter at the local pet store when there was a rescue event going on outside in the parking lot.  Saw this cute little puppy, put him down and went on in and shopped.  I couldn’t stop crying thinking this adorable little thing didn’t have a home so on the way out – we went back, he was there and the rest is history!  He’s named after a Red Sox player (Benintendi) as is our rescue cat, Mookie!  #redsoxpets
Bentley Bailey Lock
Apollo Ava Hollas
This charismatic kitty was once too scared to leave the back corner of his cage at the animal shelter. Apollo hissed and cried when we took him out. But within a few days he had made himself right at home. He is now an accomplished soccer player, snuggler, furniture destroyer, lizard killer, and stunt cat. He once leapt from a 2nd story balcony and disappeared, only to reappear the next day. He also flies straight up into the air at the slightest startle. If you greet him with a "hello" he will reciprocate with a two-syllable meow that sounds suspiciously close to "hello." (His longer sentences are a bit more difficult to decipher, but it's fun to make guesses.) Despite his years of faithfully staring at the screen while my husband plays video games, I don't think Apollo will ever get the hang of playing them. The plastic twisties that come off of milk bottles are more his speed. But he is a very thoughtful, talkative, imaginative kitty and we are so happy he is part of our family.
Zoe Nicole Goebel
Zoe is a rescue dog who has been with us for over 7 years and has trained us in quite well to her daily needs after we dropped out of obedience school.
Maverick Jeanne Burke
Meet Maverick! Maverick is a Siberian Husky and we estimate him to be around 1 1/2 - 2 years old. He was found as a stray by LA Animal Control (June 2017) and taken in by Hollywood Huskies Rescue where we adopted him January 2018. He has a stunning personality — a lover of life, bananas, squirrels, and is curious about EVERYTHING. Maverick's added an absolute refreshing, high-energy and ornery, breath of fresh air to our lives.
Charlee Misty Borg Misterek
Charlee was rescued when he was about 6 months. Since then, he has enjoyed the high life, only the finest food, tastiest treats and best catnip! He enjoys sleeping, playing with string and teasing the dog.
Elsie Kevin Daniels
We rescued Elsie, our Spaniel Mix, from the Pet Adoption Fund in Canoga Park, CA. She was hiding in the corner of her cage, shaking, scared, filthy & covered in paint. She looked up at me, and when our eyes met, I knew we'd found our sweet girl. Today, she is a healthy & very happy 12 year old who we couldn't be more in love with!
Ringo Kevin Daniels
Ringo is a 12 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with a love for Greenies, playing tug of war with Frisbees, and watching TV. He was born in Atoka, Oklahoma but came to Texas as soon as he could. Alas, he is not a football fan but prefers documentaries and the Animal Channel.
Penny, Tai, Chi Stephen Galik
Here are Penny, Tai and Chi, chillaxing in the Hot Tub. They LOVE spending their leisurely time relaxing in the warm bubbles. Penny is a 5 year old American Stafford Terrier and became part of our forever home two years ago after finding her wandering around the streets. Tai and Chi are 10 year old Basenji/Terrier mix that were rescued from SPCA Dallas when they were six months old.

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